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Important Update Available Chassis..DCLI at SMT 20'-5, 40'-51, 40'/45'-7...Broening Depot 20'-6, 40'-53, 40/45'-17 | Metro at SMT 20'-15, 40'-31, 45'-10...Broening Depot 20'-11, 40'-3, 45'-0 | Beginning 7/5 all containers at Dundalk Marine Terminal will be processed through the Seagirt Gate. Click here for more info.

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Ports America Chesapeake, LLC entered into a unique public-private partnership deal with the Maryland Port Administration in 2009, signing a 50-year lease to operate Seagirt Marine Terminal. Ports America will invest $500 million in the project, providing $140 million to the state fund for highway, bridge and tunnel projects near the port. The $1.3 billion deal to enlarge the Seagirt Marine Terminal will position Baltimore as one of only four U.S. East Coast ports with a 50 foot draft to handle the new Super-Post-Panamax cargo ships.

In June 2012, Seagirt received four new all-electric, high-efficiency, Super-Post-Panamax gantry cranes which can reach 22 containers across, in addition to the existing seven cranes at Berths 1 - 3 which were modified to handle ships 18 containers across and can trolley to the new Berth.

In January 2013 the new Berth 4 with a 50 foot draft, 1,200-linear-foot became fully operational ahead of schedule and under budget. This impressive new dock can handle 14,000 - TEU vessels.

In addition to the Berth 4 Project, Seagirt's practical yard layout has storage areas directly behind the berths, further increasing the productivity of vessel loading and discharge operations boasting truck turn times less than 30 minutes for single moves and 60 minutes for double moves. From August 2012 to August 2013, Seagirt experienced a 5.8 percent increase in business and successfully executed more than $142 million in equipment and environmental initiatives. Annual volume is 630,000 containers and current vessel container production is 37 Net MPH, one of the highest on U.S. East Coast.

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Ports America Chesapeake’s growing container volumes at Seagirt Marine Terminal have resulted in the relocation of chassis to an off-dock alternate location:
• A chassis depot is located at 2001 Broening Highway as an option to Seagirt
• Close proximity, less than 1 mile from Seagirt main gate
• Operated by Marine Repair Services
• Depot hours will compliment Seagirt hours and the needs of the trucking community
• Increased level of service in the form of “ready row” that has pre-inspected chassis to ensure a rapid transaction
• Removal of chassis from Seagirt will improve overall efficiencies of the terminal
• Both Baltimore IEPs or chassis leasing companies are currently utilizing the depot today
• EDI feeds and all other communications to remain with no impact
• Depot will start operations on August 13, 2018

Available Chassis..DCLI at SMT 20'-5, 40'-51, 40'/45'-7...Broening Depot 20'-6, 40'-53, 40/45'-17

Metro at SMT 20'-15, 40'-31, 45'-10...Broening Depot 20'-11, 40'-3, 45'-0

Effective Tuesday, July 3rd, the Port of Baltimore’s Dundalk Marine Terminal Container Truck Gate will permanently close. All containers for Dundalk will be processed through the Seagirt Marine Terminal Container Truck Gate beginning on July 5th following the July 4th holiday. The current Dundalk Container Yard will remain in operation so trucks will be routed through Seagirt to Dundalk. Trucks will exit through Seagirt.

ACL flatbeds will be processed through the Dundalk break bulk gate and received at shed 12. All truck drivers are required to have RFID tags and be registered in eModal ( to enter Seagirt.

Ports America Chesapeake will provide a routing map for truckers direction inside the terminals. Should you have any questions, please contact Ports America Chesapeake at 410-649-7770 (Terminal Operations).