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6/1/2018 4:34:59 PM
Ports America Chesapeake is pleased to announce the new TOS Web Portal, an additional online tool recommended for truckers, freight forwarders, agents, and brokers. This service allows you to perform quick and easy inquiries and set alert notifications for cargo status. Motor carriers can run gate activity reports to view completed and in-progress transactions.

NEW Features
Push Notifications
• Register to receive email or SMS notifications regarding cargo status
• The following notifications are available:
o Import Availability
o Discharge from Vessel
o Load to Vessel
• Notifications will be sent to users registered email address or mobile phone number
• System allows users to check status of notifications, update reference numbers or cancel notification requests.
Gate Activity Report
• Provides users with summary of their truck company gate transactions
o Summary report by container size/types and move types
o Detail report by completed and in-progress moves
o View EIR Reprints

Chassis Relocating to Off-Dock Depot Effective July 9th, 2018
6/12/2018 5:36:55 PM
Ports America Chesapeake’s growing container volumes at Seagirt Marine Terminal have resulted in the relocation of chassis to an off-dock alternate location:
• A chassis depot is located at 2001 Broening Highway as an option to Seagirt
• Close proximity, less than 1 mile from Seagirt main gate
• Operated by Marine Repair Services
• Depot hours will compliment Seagirt hours and the needs of the trucking community
• Increased level of service in the form of “ready row” that has pre-inspected chassis to ensure a rapid transaction
• Removal of chassis from Seagirt will improve overall efficiencies of the terminal
• Both Baltimore IEPs or chassis leasing companies are currently utilizing the depot today
• EDI feeds and all other communications to remain with no impact
• Depot will start operations on July 9, 2018

Available Chassis..DCLI at SMT 20'-5, 40'-39, 40'/45'-10...Broening Depot 20'-3, 40'-80, 40'/45'-17
6/19/2018 8:52:07 AM
Available Chassis..DCLI at SMT 20'-5, 40'-39, 40'/45'-10...Broening Depot 20'-3, 40'-80, 40'/45'-17

Metro at SMT 20'-14, 40'-18, 45'-11
6/19/2018 9:19:12 AM
Metro at SMT 20'-14, 40'-18, 45'-11

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