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Safety is priority one.

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We are continuously working to make Ports America Chesapeake an industry leading site for safety.

Ports America Chesapeake has created a world class safety program that creates a culture that is cognizant of zero harm and zero injuries.  We ask that visitors to our terminal take safety very seriously. The Terminal is involved in an intense effort to control traffic and ensure an injury free site. In doing so we have just a few procedures that need to be followed:

General Rules

  • Please obey posted speed limit signs throughout the terminal 
  • Stop at all intersections and give the right away to any/all Pedestrians
  • While in any Ports America Chesapeake building, please take note of the posted Fire Exits and Fire Assembly areas, and observe the No Smoking policy.

Ports America Chesapeake is in the process of reviewing the safety aspects of our daily operation. We communicate this daily to our staff and would like to share with our trucking customers some of the ways to decrease the chances of safety related incidents.

1. All visitors must wear a high visibility vest while visiting.  In addition, we suggest safety glasses and steel toed shoes if possible
2. Obey the posted speed limit signs 
3. Obey and stop at stop signs
4. Never get our of your vehicle while in grounded areas of the terminal
5. Do not drive or walk while TALKING ON A CELL PHONE
6. Walk within the designated areas

Passenger vehicles

  • Proper ID to be shown to security officer prior to entering Seagirt
  • No personal vehicles are permitted in the grounded areas of the terminal
  • Please park your vehicle in the Visitors Parking Area located alongside the administration building
  • Be aware of traffic while walking to the administration building
  • Take care when exiting the parking area, as heavy traffic moves along our outbound gate complex

Contractor Vehicles

  • If you need to enter the Terminal Yard, you must check in with the management of Ports America Chesapeake for an escort.
  • No contractor vehicle may enter the grounded areas of the terminal without an escort
  • When driving near container handling equipment, make sure the operators know you are present before you drive behind them


  • Obey posted speed limit signs. Stop at all intersections, obey all posted signs, and give the right away to any/all Pedestrians
  • Drivers must wear a high visibility vest while on the terminal
  • No Passengers are permitted to Enter Ports America Chesapeake with the Truck Driver. This especially applies to children of any age. Ports America Chesapeake will and reserves the right to turn away any Trucker who violates this Rule.
  • While in the Terminal yard, you must stay in your truck while in grounded areas
  • When driving near container handling equipment, make sure the operators know you are present 
  • Use of cellular telephones within the Terminal Yard is strictly forbidden
  • Truckers, while on the Terminal, please keep your head lights on

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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